Thursday, September 6, 2012

A New Workout I Made Up

I put on my fifteen pound weight vest and my ten pound leg weights, put my feet up onto a cooler, and did thirty partially-inverted pushups.

Then I put on my wraps and boxing gloves and shadow-boxed for a good while.  I did fifty toe-raises.  Then I did twenty slightly-upright pushups using a staircase.  Then I switched to three-pound hand weights, shadow-boxed some more, and did some sprinter's curls.

Then I dry-fired my snubby Smith & Wesson with a laser trainer I made out of a checkout-line laser pointer, duct tape, meat skewer, and elastic band.  I did find that my aim was less steady, but I could keep the point on the green masks on the wall (which was probably five or six yards away).

Then I did twenty more pushups and did some elbow- and knee-strikes against my heavy bag.  (I don't punch the heavy bag because my right wrist is wonky.)

I haven't figured out what to call it yet.  Probably some clever like "My Workout" or "This Workout I Do".  That would be cool.

Psychology versus Sociology

The trouble with our study of depression is that it relies on psychology rather than sociology--not because psychology is better, but because it is individualistic.  Nothing wrong with individualism per se, but it can't rationally be applied to massive secular trends like anomie, bulimia, cutting, depression, egomania, and whatever starts with an F.

Finding out the individual reason why so-and-so won't come outside and hates talking to people is pointless because it only forces you (if you have enough honesty to continue questioning) to explain the enormous coincidence implied by "everyone found invidual/unique/psychological reasons to become unreasoningly despondent 36 hours after global leftist hypercapitalist nihilism destroyed culture, family, and our entire way of life".

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Brief Farewell

Well over a year ago, I made a pledge to the Republican Party that I would stay in their party for at least a year.  Ron Paul's candidacy was the reason I extended my pledge.  I decided that if he were treated fairly at the national convention, and if the eventual nominee said anything against immigration, even just illegal immigration, I'd stay in the party and give [Romney] a fair hearing against the Constitution Party candidate in November.

There's no reason for me to spend much time on this.  The national convention decided that the results of the Maine state convention were unfair in a pro-Paul, anti-Romney direction.  This is an intensely tendentious conclusion, because fairness never prevented Republicans from excluding Rep. Paul, and Paulist viewpoints, from GOP events over the campaign season.  I don't like being put in the position of defending a libertarian (and an ex-Libertarian) I barely agree with (Paul's stand on The Issue, immigration, is weak in a way that is completely consistent with his libertarianism).

The GOP establishment has made me do that, so I say: Farewell.  Your nomination process told me I could support someone who was against indefinite detention, affirmative action, health care centralization, and the rest of the establishmentarian attack on my people.  You told me my vote would be counted.  You lied, as I fully expected you too.

I'll be changing my registration to unaffiliated at my next opportunity.