Thursday, September 6, 2012

A New Workout I Made Up

I put on my fifteen pound weight vest and my ten pound leg weights, put my feet up onto a cooler, and did thirty partially-inverted pushups.

Then I put on my wraps and boxing gloves and shadow-boxed for a good while.  I did fifty toe-raises.  Then I did twenty slightly-upright pushups using a staircase.  Then I switched to three-pound hand weights, shadow-boxed some more, and did some sprinter's curls.

Then I dry-fired my snubby Smith & Wesson with a laser trainer I made out of a checkout-line laser pointer, duct tape, meat skewer, and elastic band.  I did find that my aim was less steady, but I could keep the point on the green masks on the wall (which was probably five or six yards away).

Then I did twenty more pushups and did some elbow- and knee-strikes against my heavy bag.  (I don't punch the heavy bag because my right wrist is wonky.)

I haven't figured out what to call it yet.  Probably some clever like "My Workout" or "This Workout I Do".  That would be cool.