Sunday, August 5, 2012

American Fifth Position

So, here is my current tally of Presidential endorsements by alt-right bloggers:

For Barack Obama, Democrat Party: 1 (by Borepatch)
For Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party: 1 (by Aretae)
For Mitt Romney, Republican Party: 1 (by nydwracu)

To that I will add 1 for Virgil Goode, Constitution Party.  I'll keep this post short.

Here are some ratings at one of the few ratings groups I care about.  (For some reason they haven't rated Goode, even though they linked to one of his op-eds.)

The comments on the other bloggers' pages are interesting.  Obviously I don't agree with those bloggers on this particular matter, and I have little philosophically in common with Aretae (though my position on this election is probably closer to his than the others).

Since there is no real way to predict the future, I figure I will vote for the person who I agree with the most.  I don't agree with Borepatch that a victory for Obama will increase support for the Tea Party, since a victory for Obama may result in a well-enforced ban on the Tea Party, and every political organization outside the DemocRINO mainstream.


countenance said...

I will be filling a circle next to the name "Mitt Romney." But I'm not doing it to vote for him.

This notion that "worse is better" is basically the province of people who have nothing to lose because they have nothing to begin with.

We could vote Obama to teach the GOP a lesson about nominating RINOs. But they wouldn't learn the lesson we want them to learn. They would blame it on Romney being "too right wing" (insert laugh tracks here), then go and nominate Olympia Snowe in 2016. She'll lose, they'll blame that on her being "too right wing," then go and nominate an Obama daughter in 2020.

Think I'm crazy? Bush 41 in 1988 criticized Michael Dukakis for campaigning in Spanish. Bush 43 campaigned in Spanish in 1994 for Governor, again in 1998, and for President in 2000 and 2004.

As for bringing down the big bad ugly evil system, what rises from the ashes could just as easily be bigger, badder, uglier and more evil.

Borepatch said...

Not sure that I see an Obama victory as increasing support for the Team Party, just keeping them motivated. I think that there's a chance that a Romney administration will demoralize them by being, well, Republicans.

My recommendation was more in the spirit of a "stop loss" order.

Olave d'Estienne said...

Borepatch -

I wasn't properly distinguishing the concepts of support and motivation. But you're right--even if Obama's reëlection doesn't increase the number of Tea Party enthusiasts it will probably redouble their spirit.

Countenance -

I didn't remember that about Bush criticizing Dukakis for campaigning in Spanish. Interesting.

rjp said...

There is only one thing we know for certain that will come about as a result of the election on November 6th, escalated violence.

It will be either riots if Mitt Romneyez wins, or it will be more frequent unprovoked black on white attacks in the case of BO.

I truely believe that BO can bring down our country, bankrupt it. And while this might be what the country needs so that it can fraction into smaller territories (yes, I do believe the country is physically too large and too physically diverse), I am afraid of the other damage he will inflict on White people during his term, and that is if he doesn't maintain power during the collapse and declare himself King of Nothing.

With that said, the only choice is the lesser evil, Mittens. Paul has no chance, don't waste a vote. This election is a proxy for the future of White people in this country. The mistake of 2008 gave them a taste, and they will be feral for it every four years from here on out. Wait until 2016 and see if the Democratic Party will even be allowed to nominate a, no matter how traitorous they may be, White person for President.

Unamused said...

I hereby endorse Reinhard Heydrich for President and Supreme Chancellor of the New Galactic Empire.

Glory to the Space-Nazis forevermore!

Unamused said...

... but i'll be voting for "gratuitous french girl" of "ze queen of croissants" party (write-in)

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