Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Contribute to HBD Day!

If you are interested, I am soliciting written materials on human biodiversity to go on the Human Biodiversity Day site.

Which, incidentally, is up and running in skeletal but viewable form.  I am not a web designer by training or inclination; I just barely figured out ftp enough to get that little bit complete.  So if you'd like to contribute your aesthetics and/or expertise, drop me a line.

I emailable at b lode 0322 at the google mail address.


hbdchick said...

count me in! (^_^)

i'll try to write something intelligible on my favorite topic -- diversity in altruistic behaviors and all that jazz.

i'll bake some cookies for the day, too. (^_^)

Olave d'Estienne said...

No, don't bake cookies! All the angry college women will call us patriarchs!

That will make me cry most piteously.

(But seriously, if you like trivia, read about the history of Toll House cookies. It's pretty interesting.)

rjp said...

I am not a web designer but know a little if you need some help with ..... and I know nothing about concrete5 but if it is one of the simpler ones, I don't think it would be a problem.

Tony S said...
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B said...

Here's one thing I always wanted to see.
You know how internet discussions outside of HBD websites are pretty much always VERY critical of HBD related subjects? I see these all the time on the very liberal, where the most uninformed and negative comments about 1) IQ 2) evolutionary psychology 3) differences between males and females get posted and then voted to the top.

The problem is that I rarely ever see any pro-HBD responses. There are a lot of people who read HBD websites but the community is so insular that HBDers never go out and argue their case.

Create two pages:
Page one, an AJAX based, updated in real-time comment page where people can submit links to other websites like forums and blogs where discussions relevant to HBD are taking place. The goal of this page being that HBDers will then go to these websites, sign up, and leave opposing comments and also upvote and support each other's comments.

Page two, a collaborative page, would just be a huge index of the most common criticisms of HBD, and subsequent responses to them. Can you add a Wiki to the site? A Wiki would be perfect for this page as it's collaborative. As HBDers branch out from reading their own blogs and step into the rest of the internet where anti-HBD sentiment is the norm, they will engage in what's called "hate reading" and report back with every criticism of HBD that they can see and this page will just build itself.

M.G. said...

I'd be happy to contribute a piece on my pet topic, historical aspects of HBD. Also anything artsy that requires hours of screwing around on Microsoft Paint I'll gladly take on.

Olave d'Estienne said...

I know nothing of AJAX. Sounds interesting.

I know little of Wikis. Also sounds interesting.

Let me retreat to my dark, dark temple of thought and stroke one of my strangely undersized calico cats.

Or maybe I'll just look up AJAX. B, do you actually know how to create AJAX-based sites, or are you just a supporter?

Audacious Epigone said...


Are you aware of this HBD "primer" (and it's really a lot more than that)?

Olave d'Estienne said...

Thanks A.E. I think I have seen that at some time in the past. Those are the sorts of links I am looking for.