Monday, April 2, 2012

Best SLAWB Comment on the Martin-Zimmerman Affair

I'm soliciting entries for best SLAWB comment, that stupidest, most leftist, most anti-white, most bigoted opinion to be precipitated by the homicide of Trayvon Martin.

My nominee:
Brain dead racist white pigs  - do you know that you are our albino children??? Do you know what an albino is?? An albino being lacks melanin which gives the pigmentation to your pink skin and hair. You got your pink color due to mistakes in your genetic makeup. Do you know that our forefathers drove your albino forefathers out of Africa because of their evil minds. Racism is the due to defect in your DNA - we can't help you. Travel to tanzania and Zambia and visit your albino brothers and sisters... 
Not bad, but maybe you can top it.


Justin said...

African albinos are hideous looking, but still clearly African. Perhaps the savage treatement given by Africans to their albinos reveals their innate hatred of humans with pale skins? Ironic that black Africans have the high prevalence of albinism among all races.

That comment you quoted is not original. Not sure if you knew, it is actually religious doctrine. I think they are called the Black Hebrew Israelites and/or the Nation of Yahweh. Similar but not the same as the teaching of the Nation of Islam, who taught that whites were created in a breeding experiment.

Olave d'Estienne said...

I've heard those notions before. I always thought "Yakub's lab" was much more inventive and entertaining than "white are albinos", which just seemed like a seventh-grade biology blunder.

I included that quote partly because of the goofy theory, and partly because it tickles me to have the intelligence of my people insulted in poor grammar.

Fascinating that the frequency of albinism is greater among Africans! I really have no idea why. I'll defer to someone who knows more about population genetics.

Jehu said...

Yakub's Lab sounds like it'd make a neat cartoon.