Saturday, April 21, 2012

Small Business and the Working Man

I admit to a sort of sentimentality when it comes to small, unique business establishments, with their colorful proprietors, local flavor, and friendly signs reading "Closed for the Day".  

Usually I drive by those signs and stop when I get to Wal-Mart with its friendly, culture-free, character-free, local-color-free "Open" sign.  I'm not going there because I like Wal-Mart.

Why don't I shop at small proprietorships instead?  

Because they're generally only open when I am at work and on Saturday, the only day I have to spend with my family, not to mention the only day I can make the trip to the garbage dump.  Certainly I can get time off from my job, but I'm not going to do it to go shopping when I need to save days for doctor, dentist, registering the car, etc.

In my town, apparently small business can turn a profit largely serving welfare recipients, teenagers, and independently wealthy people.  Bully for small business.  On the other hand, I also notice a lot of signs reading "Out of Business".   

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Things You Can Say Without Getting Fired

Never mind all the anti-White racial epithets, apparently you can openly call for a race war, and for the burning of the state that you live in, if you're part of the New Black Panther Party.  You can put a contract on the head of a man who hasn't even been charged with any wrongdoing, without getting charged for it.  You can stockpile guns and ammunition without getting hassled by the Federal government.

I can't say I'm completely against them, though.
In the NBPP's "10 Point Platform," which is a takeoff on the 10-point platform of the original Black Panther Party, the NBPP demands that blacks be given a country or state of their own, within which they can make their own laws. They demand that all black prisoners in the United States be released to "the lawful authorities of the Black Nation."
Sounds like a decent idea to me.  (I don't usually cite the Southern Poverty Law Center, but the mentions of "10 Point Platform" on the NBPP-Boston site don't lead anywhere.  Probably the white man's fault.)

Looking at a more informative link at Free Republic, it looks like the NBPP are pretty vague on the subject of their future Black Nation.

1. We want freedom. We want the power to practice self-determination, and to determine the destiny of our community and THE BLACK NATION.
It's not even clear if this is supposed to be a regular geographical nation, or just a bunch of tax-exempt, draft-exempt, "fully employed" Blacks living in the USA.  (Still, the idea an actual Black nation-state in the current territory of the USA, based on this 10 Point Platform, is pretty interesting to me as an enthusiast for fanciful political reform.  How much of a government can you run purely on lotteries, user fees, and seigniorage?  Good question.)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Severn Wins the Order of Rightist Merit

The d'Estienne Committee has chosen unanimously to award the Order of Rightist Merit to Severn for his performance in the comment thread of this post in The Atlantic.

Bravo, Severn!  

(I'd write to him if I knew his email address.)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

If a Black Man Shot a White Man and Claimed Self-Defense...

One of the most common claims the left has made in the wake of the shooting of Trayvon Martin is that, if a black person had shot a Caucasoid, Amerindian, or other non-Black individual and claimed self defense under a stand-your-ground law, the shooter would obviously have been arrested.

A recent case in Phoenix proves that assertion, like most of the claims of cultural Marxists, to be completely and utterly false.  As in the Martin-Zimmerman case, the shooter arrived at the scene in a car, while the deceased arrived on foot.  In neither case was the deceased found to have a weapon.  As in the Martin-Zimmerman case, the shooter claimed to be concerned for his safety because of the deceased's behavior at the time.  And in neither case was the shooter arrested.

Notable differences between the cases:

In the Phoenix case, the deceased, a man named Daniel Adkins, was considered mentally disabled.  Trayvon Martin may have been immature and he was probably below average in IQ, but he was in the general population of the public schools; Adkins could not even legally drive.

Adkins is not described as having struck any person, although he "swung his fists toward the window" of the car the shooter was driving and may have struck the vehicle itself.  Martin bloodied Zimmerman's nose and the back of his head before the shot was fired.

The basis of the Phoenix shooter's self-defense claim is that he thought Adkins was holding a lead pipe.  Adkins was holding a (possibly taut) dog leash that the occupants of the car may have thought was a blunt weapon.  (The entity at the other end of the leash, a dog named Lady, was brought home unharmed.)  The basis of Zimmerman's self-defense claims is that he was supine, and being beaten bloody, when he made the decision to fire.  

In the Phoenix case, the shooter had the ability but not the legal requirement to withdraw to safety, specifically, to roll up the window of his vehicle (and/or to back his vehicle up, if that was possible).  In the Martin-Zimmerman case, the shooter had neither the ability (being flat on his back) nor the legal requirement to flee.  

The identity of the Phoenix shooter has not been made public, and we know little about him other than that he is a 22-year-old black man.  George Zimmerman's name and possibly his address have been made public, as well as other details of his life like the ethnicity of his mother and father, his history of activism, etc.

A political group has called for the extra-legal "capture" of Zimmerman and hinted at killing him.  No group has called for any retaliation against the Phoenix shooter.

It is not known if NBC will cover the Phoenix slaying, or if they intend to doctor any evidence in this case.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

May 2nd is the day!

I am setting up an HBD Day domain.  It will mostly be a blog for myself and guest writers, reprints of and/or links to major HBD articles, and a place for MG's and HBD Chick's wonderful banners.

In any case, progress is slower than I was hoping since my family has gotten a cold.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Best SLAWB Comment on the Martin-Zimmerman Affair

I'm soliciting entries for best SLAWB comment, that stupidest, most leftist, most anti-white, most bigoted opinion to be precipitated by the homicide of Trayvon Martin.

My nominee:
Brain dead racist white pigs  - do you know that you are our albino children??? Do you know what an albino is?? An albino being lacks melanin which gives the pigmentation to your pink skin and hair. You got your pink color due to mistakes in your genetic makeup. Do you know that our forefathers drove your albino forefathers out of Africa because of their evil minds. Racism is the due to defect in your DNA - we can't help you. Travel to tanzania and Zambia and visit your albino brothers and sisters... 
Not bad, but maybe you can top it.