Sunday, March 4, 2012

Number of Concealed-Carry Permits by State

Clayton Cramer answered (at least partly) a question I've been wondering about recently:
My spreadsheet totals 5,477,213 licensees in the twenty-five states for which we have either an exact number, or a reasonable estimate based on annual issuance, number of years for which licenses are issued, and an assumption that 80% of licenses renew or remain a resident. 
Whoa.  I hadn't guessed it was that high.  Cramer's number is an estimate based on an assumption, and occasionally double-counts, but there are also 25 states we don't have information for, most of which issue CCWs at least in theory (New York among them).  So I'll guess that the 5.4 million number is a bare minimum for the whole country.

CCW licensees really don't brag much.  I know many, many more people who claim to be "good friends with a Navy SEAL" than who claim to have a CCW.  (The latter number is one; the former number is probably forty or fifty.)

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