Monday, March 19, 2012

Any Comments on This Graphic?

Here is a graphic I'm supposed to share.

Created by: Online IT Degree

Any comments?


Olave d'Estienne said...

Oh well, my browser and/or blogger isn't letting it show up in full.

I really don't feel like monkeying with the interface to try to figure out how to make it display the whole thing.

In sum, it tries to suggest that since blacks can't compete in Silicon Valley tech jobs due to their average IQs and time horizons being so much lower than other groups, that "tech is racist".

It's a pretty bland and tired point reliant on an a priori denial of HBD, but I suppose it may be convincing the crunchy college leftist set.

Olave d'Estienne said...

Here's a link to the original.

latté island said...

It seems incompetent, even if one agrees with the message. Are people really supposed to care about this? I like the part about the yellow badge people not having full access to the campus. I'd feel safer working there.

Justin said...

"XXXX is racist" is just a psychological defense mechanism (called Blame Shift) to cope with black failure, inferiority, and deviancy. What else needs to be said? That is why the liberal elite strikes down as taboo anything (such as statistics or narratives) that describe black failure, inferiority, and deviancy. If we can't talk about how bad blacks are, all of their problems must be because of racism. Rather than the opposite, which is that racism is due to their failure, inferiority, and deviancy.

In short: racism is not a result of ignorance, racism is a result of experience.

Alrenous said...

Mainly sophistry.
The reason blacks don't show up so well on face recognition is for tech reasons, more or less the same reason printing a white barcode on a white background doesn't work too well.

Similarly, it compares the national pop to Silicon Valley employment, not, say, the Valley proportions to Valley employment.

What, ghettos are good now? Apparently the author isn't aware that ghettos are characterized by crime, not race. Ref. England and chavs.

I wonder what the sophistry about the badges is.

The reason jobs are growing fast in the tech industry is because it's new and hasn't yet been regulated to death.

After stripping the intentionally misleading parts out, not much is left.

Olave d'Estienne said...

All your comments are thoughtful. Thanks.

I wish the individual who had sent it to me would reply to my email, which read:

Well, given that tech

isn't covering up any white-on-black hate crimes (the way the mainstream media covers up black-on-white hate crimes),

isn't forcing black-owned businesses to pass over black applicants in favor of white ones (the way the Federal government forces white-owned business to favor black applicants), and

isn't advocating mass semi-legal immigration from white non-Hispanic countries,

... it's pretty clear that if tech is racist (i.e., it's practicing some sort of "reverse affirmative action"), it is a pretty innocuous sort of racism, at least compared with what happened to Carter Strange, Allen Coon, Christian & Newsom, the victims of flash mobs in Peoria, Philadelphia, the Wisconsin State Fair, etc.

Do you agree?

premiseblog said...

I think only the stupids are left in the "diversity" camp now, so you have to deal with moron like this.

And morons and many and dangerous, as we shall see in the coming decade as we attempt to correct their dumbassery.

M.G. said...

My comment is in graphic form, but it's too large to post here, so I've put it up over at my blog. Just in case anyone who received this in their inbox wanted something to send back in response. Cheers.

M.G. said...

Oops, my link came out goofy. Here's the right link. Mea culpa.

Olave d'Estienne said...

M.G., that is such an awesome graphic I could barely restrain myself from righting this in all caps.

mansizedtarget said...

Typical post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacies.

Olave d'Estienne said...

By the way, a little searching revealed where the flyer came from.

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