Monday, August 15, 2011

The Brain is the Soul - For the Secularist

The other day I had my mid-year review at my office.  After the main portion of the meeting, in which we talked about me, my performance and my goals, my boss asked if there was anything, anything at all, that I thought could increase the unit's efficiency.  Since it was a private meeting and she seemed generally curious, I said, No, there isn't, because a certain coworker of ours has been much quieter recently.  I said it with some pleasure because a few weeks earlier the story would have been different.

This coworker is 100% office nightmare stereotype.  Beer belly, stiletto heels, miniskirts, late 30s, is always talking either about how many hot guys she met at the club or how she is going to raise her children after she is married, etc.  She is quite loud when she does so, and of course quite loud when she is on the phone yelling at customers.  A few months ago a few of us complained to various managers and she obviously got the message.

My manager seemed to want to vent ever so slightly.  She said that this coworker had been like that for years, and that when it was first mentioned to her she responded with tremendous anger.  My manager stopped herself from going into too much detail and simply said she was glad, as was I, that the situation had improved.  Then she added, apropos of nothing, that Miss Noisypumps is the smartest person she's ever met.

Now of course I don't believe that, and looking back I don't think my manager does either.  Yet I don't think it was a lie, either.  It was more like a benediction.  It's pretty nasty to let on that you think someone's character is rotten, but there is nothing apparent about Miss Noisypumps' demeanor, work performance, or appearance that would redeem her.  My manager had to balance out our mutual recognition of Noisypumps' worthlessness with something that seemed substantial, yet couldn't be disproven.

As far as I know, no Christian ever seriously attempted to measure the human soul.  It wouldn't make any sense to do so.  Yet measuring brainpower is a pretty straightforward business of progressive matrices, reverse digit span, vocabulary, etc.  So why does the PC left say it can't be measured?

Or should I say, why does the secular PC left say intelligence can't be measured?  Put that way, the question is in the answer: secularists threw away the soul because they didn't know what it was used for.  Unfortunately, they also suffer from mind-body dualism, and seem to believe that your body is not your self but merely a servant of your self.  With the soul gone, the only thing left to be your self is your brain.

Measuring the brain is easy enough, but dead brains don't count.  It's what the brain does that is so important.  Therefore, the secular PC left, egalitarian to the core, refuses to measure intelligence, or even to admit that that is possible.

Egalitarians need brainpower to be immeasurable so that whenever they run into an overgrown, silicone-enriched female thing wobbling around in high heels yelling about how hard she parties, they can say, "That is a person too.  That person is valid and human and as legitimate as me and it would be wrong of me to push that person down a flight of stairs."

The alternative, for people who just can't figure out the soul, would be maturity and self-control.  "That bipedal creature is a waste of space.  The community would be better off if it were euthanized.  However, that is not my job."  No speculation, no pretty lies about cognition, no extraneous moral judgements, just a recognition of facts.  Alas, the PC left seems uninterested in maturity and self-control.

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jewamongyou said...

I like the analogy. Very thought-provoking!