Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guy Cole and Martha Daughtrey Hate White People

Two Federal circuit judges affirmed the second-class status of white people on July 1st.  (Hat tip to Dennis Mangan.)  The ruling, which struck down an anti-discrimination law passed by Michigan's voters in 2006, was supported by both of the judges appointed by President Clinton and opposed by Julia Smith Gibbons, who was appointed to the appellate court by George W. Bush.

The judges made the move to explicitly allow both sexual and racial discrimination in admissions to public universities, as well as in hiring civil servants.  No white males were among the judges who made this decision.  (In contrast, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, passed at a time when Congress was overwhelmingly white and 97% male, explicitly forbade discrimination by race and gender.)

Cole and Daughtrey have made their move at a time when it is clear that gender discrimination will hurt only males, while racial discrimination will hurt whites and Asians.  For many decades, orthodoxy in the United States has held that any support of discrimination against a group is proof of hatred of that group.

Michigan's attorney general has stated that he will appeal the ruling.


unamusementpark said...

Imagine you, me, or some other race realist in a room with those judges, trying to explain to them that the average black (who they will have had virtually no experience with) is much less intelligent and much more likely to commit crime than the average white (ditto). Imagine the weaseling a couple of fed judges could bring to bear on such a straightforward proposition.

Nope, they'll never learn. They'll just have to be replaced.

Justin said...

"Appealing the ruling" is just playing their game. The problem is the system of judicial supremacy.

The odd part is, judicial supremacy, i.e. the concept of judicial review, is not even in the Constitution. It is a wholly usurped power, and should be subject to removal by a simple law.

Olave d'Estienne said...

Thanks for your replies. Right now I favor impeachment, on the grounds of violations of the 14th Amendment and thus their oaths of office. I'm pretty mad. OneSTDV, in contrast, says he's numb to the issue. His way certainly uses less mental energy.