Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why Anti-Male Bigotry Makes Me Uncomfortable

Like a lot of offices I've worked in, my current workplace is riddled with angry, aging feminists who loathe men and constantly feel the need to belittle and insult them.  For a few weeks now it has been tying my stomach in knots and I've been wondering why.

The insults aren't particularly clever zingers or any of that, it's usually bromides along the lines of "Men are lazy!  Har har har!"  So my reaction was a bit of a mystery until today when a coworker asked me when our learning module on diversity was due.  (We have little learning modules between bouts of real work; in a learning module you watch a video on your screen about sexual harassment or various legal matters.)  I thought back to the parts of the module that recommend that you report cases of sexual discrimination, hostile work environment, etc.

Of course, it goes without saying that the rules would never be used to protect a man or punish a woman.  All of the examples the learning module uses have the white males as villains, and everyone else as victims and heroes.  They give away their bigotry right there, but of course you have the nominal right to fight discrimination regardless of who you are.

The smaller part of what bothers me is that they are so shameless in lying.  I don't know if I should snicker or scowl or smile placidly when I am hearing my affirmative action loving employer go on about "equal opportunity".  I wish I could laugh but it is just nauseating.  I suppose this is because I know that, if I were a different person, I could and would stand up to the bigotry, talk in Jared-Taylor-steady voice about how I feel like the company needs to abandon AA and start treating whites and males decently, etc.  I refrain partly because I need the job, and partly because I emphatically do not have a Jared-Taylor-steady voice.

So I suppose the larger part of what bothers me is the knowledge that I am not technically helpless in this situation, I am just functionally helpless.  White males who complain are always isolated and mocked, often interrupted, threatened, misquoted, and accused of having violent intentions.  Dealing with this effectively is really, truly beyond my abilities.  Something about that realization feels like I have just downed a large glass of milk only to realize it has gone bad right after swallowing the last drop.

I know that the mockery and the humiliation is not an accident on the part of the left - they humiliate productive people first by design, and later out of habit.  I simply don't have the superhuman poise that is required to nod and smile when I see a huge, megarich corporation engaging in this sort of bigotry.  Adults aren't supposed to think that males are made of puppy dogs' tails.


FutureTeacher said...

How on earth could I have never encountered Dalrymple's books? They all look amazing!

Olave d'Estienne said...

I only quote Dalrymple, I don't read him. However, after a few years of quoting Diana West I read her too, so Dalrymple still has a shot.

Jehu said...

Islam has a concept basically translated Holy Deceit. It is what is called for in circumstances such as yours. Also recognize that you're effectively a mercenary. No loyalty is required or should be expected from you beyond your particular contract.

latté island said...

Maybe your company is too big and bureaucratic. I work for a small business, and we don't have "modules." The people are diverse, and there have been some issues over the years, but we haven't internalised that stuff.

If I wanted to generalize about what type of company creates the unpleasant situation you're describing, I'd say, the bigger the company, the worse the culture. When you have a small group of people who are on the front lines all the time, and there's no HR department, people get along better, and if someone does something really bad, they get fired, problem solved.

Olave d'Estienne said...

All your comments are spot on. It is hard for me to keep in mind my role as a cool mercenary, because I am easily fooled by the smiling faces and warm personalities of corporate women. That's all there is to it. Each of them is practically a godmother to my boy, at least the way they tell it.

My company is big, multinational, and sucky in the way that those types of company are usually sucky. It's my fault for not picking a nice career like tractor driver.

Chillingworth said...

I don't know what to say about your work situation, other than that I'm sorry to hear that. I agree, liberalism (funny word for it) is awful, life is rough, etc.

I can, however, recommend Theodore Dalrymple, for anyone who can read him; I've read several of his columns, and one of his books (though I think that was a collection of more of his columns), and I think he's great. For people who haven't read him at all before, I sometimes recommend starting with his atheist's defense of Christianity. I think his Life at the Bottom may be his most famous book, though I'm not sure.

Olave d'Estienne said...

The atheist's defense of Christianity is very interesting to me. Previously I'd heard of Schopenhauer doing the same thing. Schopenhauer is interesting but he's pretty difficult to digest, like a perfectly-seasoned buffalo steak cut for a giant. I'm not sure which piece to slice of first but the whole slab smells delicious.

I am technically an agnostic but I have tremendous appreciation for the benefits of living among Christians. To take an extreme example, Salt Lake City has a very low crime rate, but the only thing people can think to say about Mormons is that their beliefs sound kind of silly.

My neighbors can worship an orbiting teacup for all I care, as long as they don't stick a knife between my ribs. Meh.

hbd chick said...

"I am just functionally helpless."

well, if it's any consolation, you're not alone on that front.

Anonymous said...

I have to echo latte island; the smaller the company, the more interested they are in what you can produce, not what skin color or genitalia you happen to have.