Monday, June 13, 2011

It may not have been about student loans

According to Death & Taxes, the US Department of Education denied that it raided Kenneth Wright's house and detained him for six hours because his estranged wife was in arrears on paying her student loans.  It says that the raid was authorized by a magistrate and that the reason is currently a secret, under seal by the court.

The official shotgun of the US Department of Education is the trusty Remington 870, 12-gauge pump, with a 14" barrel.

(One thing I like about Federal contracts is how specific they are.  If I decided to confound all the mall ninjas by idolizing a US force other than the Navy SEALs, and I were willing to pay a $200 transfer tax for the short barrel, I could copy the Education model part for part.  I think the Army's Long-Range Surveillance units are by far the coolest anyway.)

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