Monday, May 23, 2011

The Thinking Housewife Gives a Reason to be Proud to be American

Laura Wood quotes de Tocqueville:
No other crime is judged with the same inexorable severity by public opinion…. as Americans think nothing more precious than a woman’s honor and nothing deserving more respect than her freedom; they think no punishment too severe for those who take both against her will.
I think the feeling lives on to this day and I am proud of that.  I wouldn't mind seeing a rapist or two get branded and pilloried.

I am saddened when people take anti-rape feeling* to extremes.  I think that is what Brownmiller was doing when she talked about rape - presenting herself as The Arch Anti-Rapist, with the weaker sex ("all men") being necessarily weaker in their opposition to rape.  This of course had to be described in the hysterical way typical of gender feminists (so now all men are guilty?), and then fed into the impressionable minds of young women who might otherwise have been able to trust some of the hairy barbarians who use the other restroom.

* Taking anti-rape wariness to extremes is no vice.  Women, especially young women, need to know that they can protect themselves.  It does a disservice to say that they can't protect themselves perfectly.  "Perfectly" is the enemy of "good enough".

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