Sunday, May 29, 2011

Etymological Coincidence: Terms for White Western Men

Reading snippets from “American Sexual Reference: Black Male” by Amiri Baraka (a/k/a LeRoi Jones) is always amusing.  Most obviously, it's amusing that Yale and the state of New Jersey chose to grovel to such a hate-filled, rape-promoting bigot.  But on another level, Baraka's choice of words is really amusing: 
Most American white men are trained to be fags.
Why "fags"?  It's short for "faggot", which is a modification of fagot, an Anglo-French word for bundle.  Another word applied to white Western man quite frequently is "fascist", derived from another word for bundle, in this case the Latin fascia.  

Both words reflect the ways men can hold together, but these two words have opposite connotations.  Specifically, if you obey all the politically correct injunctions about how to behave, they'll call you a "faggot" and heap disrespect on you ipso facto.  If you disobey the politically correct injunctions on how to behave, they'll call you a "fascist" ... and heap disrespect on you, ipso facto.  The treatment differs, slightly: in the first case, you get the disrespect of the yoke and whip, in the second, the disrespect of the door slammed in your face.

This is one of those cases where the anti-white, anti-Western left unwittingly reveals both its attitudes and its vulnerabilities.  The left always believes Eurowhite males, whether they are coöperative, self-sacrificing, meek sort of guys or assertive, straightforward "man's men", are busy creating some spooky sort of cabal with each other.  That notion makes the left very afraid, and they reflect this in their choice of schoolyard insults.

If you're a white male, you may want to take this into account next time you have the choice to bash another white male, or to stay your hand.

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