Friday, April 8, 2011

Vegetables: you must try this

This is a post about one of my favorite subjects (food), also one that I know very little about (making it).  On the advice of my mother, my wife tried cooking vegetables in a way that is simple, delicious, and nutritive.

We use broccoli, carrots, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, potatoes, red peppers, onions, garlic in whole cloves, and string beans.

Cut vegetables into the desired sizes (we used largish bite sizes), place into a ziplock bag.  Add extra light olive oil and shake until coated evenly.

Place vegetables in high-sided baking dish and salt to taste. (We use a Corningware 9" for two crowns of broccoli; you don't use the glass lid in this recipe.)  Roast broccoli, red peppers, cauliflower,  Brussels sprouts, and garlic in a standard oven or toaster oven at 350F for an hour; this will scorch the tops of broccoli, garlic and the edges of Brussels sprouts slightly black (don't be distressed that it looks "burnt."  Trust me, it is delicious).  Potatoes and onions go for an hour at 400F; carrots take longer.  We've done broccoli, potatoes and Brussels sprouts individually as side dishes (throw a little crushed rosemary on the potatoes), or the entire above list of veggies all mixed together under a big roast beef.

The point of this post is to add some more ideas for a good paleolithic diet (or quasi-paleolithic, e.g. with potatoes and string beans as above).  I don't find salads nearly as satisfying as hot vegetables, and a lot of vegetable dishes are either bland (boiled, plain), totally unpaleolithic (full of corn and/or dry beans) or heavy on everything but the actual vegetables (i.e. vegetable soup that is mainly potato and beef).  So vegetables black roasted in olive oil present another delicious option.


Justin said...

That is a nice tip! I would also suggest stir frying the veggies. The prep is so similar I thought that is what you were describing at first. Cut 'em up, cover 'em in oil and spices, then throw them in the wok. The wok has to have a little bit of water in it. Not too much oil in it though, it will make the veggies soggy. Start the heavy veggies first, then continue adding the light, thin ones until the whole thing is evenly done.

Hard-boiled eggs make a great snack on the paleo diet too.

Olave d'Estienne said...

I always found wok-fried vegetables to be very hard to get "just right". I am sure Madame d'Estienne would have no trouble making them absolutely scrumptious, and we actually do own a wok ...
so next time she needs a suggestion, I have one.