Thursday, April 28, 2011

State Representative John Martin is a White-Hating Piece of Filth

Maine State Representative John Martin is an anti-white bigot, who recently accused the state's Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Philip Congdon of insufficiently kowtowing to the tender feelings of Maine's failed minorities.  Martin chose to insult and vilify Congdon based on comments the Commissioner is alleged to have made, conveniently while no cameras or recording devices were present.

Unsurprisingly, no news source has had the courage to print what the Commissioner said (the Bangor Daily News filled out its article on the matter with summaries of the Commissioner's feelings about french fries, and an unrelated personnel matter).  I surmise that he was simply pointing out the truth that affirmative action, and the "disparate impact" court cases that go hand-in-hand with it, force businesses to make hiring decisions that make no sense to them.  The economic costs of AA are enormous, and it is the Commissioner's job to know that.  What he did not know was that, according to the mainstream media and their shills in the legislature, it is apparently also the Commissioner's job to cover up the costs of affirmative action.

John Martin should resign and apologize to the victims of affirmative action.


Pat Hannagan said...

Isn't it amazing, when you think about it, how we have all come to this. That we no longer strive for excellence but "equality".

Yet, the government agencies when going to tender on various projects, requiring the respondee to detail how their company complies with quota amounts of minorities, wymins, EEO principles etc etc STILL expect that the project be delivered on time, efficiently and with no budget blowouts. None of those criteria are government expectations though so I suppose it will never occur to them that their demands are inconsistent.

You can have excellence or you can have "equality". You can't have both.

Olave d'Estienne said...

Excellence is an enemy to progressives, sad but true. Progress once meant a very different thing; it's amazing the word came to mean what was originally very nearly its opposite.

Sad that even NASA has gone the same way; globalist, dhimmi, egalitarian.