Sunday, March 6, 2011

Question for Rightists: Trauma

I am currently reading Trauma and Recovery, a book which touches on many of the same themes in the excellent movie Regeneration which I saw recently.  Though the book is from a moderately leftist, feminist perspective (its take on World War I is of the typical peacenik Ernst-Jünger-didn't-exist mindset), it inspired me to think about my online rightist friends.  In the tradition of OneSTDV, I have a question for rightists:

Has personal trauma significantly affected your politico-philosophical positions, especially your self-conception as a rightist?  Does is underpin any specific positions or stances?  Or does it merely inform your worldview in a general way?  It need not have been trauma affecting you personally, but that would have affected someone you knew personally.

Addendum: I have not blogged on the Cleveland, TX atrocity because I am just too busy and others (Mangan, Sailer, OneSTDV) have done a commendable job.  However, I think that situation ties in serendipitously with this topic.  Should someone stop by and want to shine a little light in this somewhat overcast blog, I'd be grateful.

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Audacious Epigone said...

Not particularly, although disabusing myself of the notion that first impressions and stereotyping are harmful and should be squelched whenever they come to my mind, sometime in middle school or maybe high school, made it feasible to start cutting through ubiquitous PC nonsense and eventually start thinking in an evolutionary sense when it came to contemplating human nature. Without that, my views would necessarily be different than they are, I suppose.