Thursday, March 24, 2011

Modern Fable

So, there was a 18-year-old male working in his father's garage. He was preparing to build his own miter box, in preparation for other carpentry projects he had planned.  Then his parents reminded him that there was a paper he could be doing for an English class.  It was extra credit, not required, but he felt like he would be better off ensuring a high grade and besides, it was chilly in the garage.

He put aside his tools and went inside.  He completed a paper entitled "Patriarchy and Oppression in The Scarlet Pimpernel" which was judged the best in the class and which bumped up his A- for the term in to a solid A.

His father found the half-completed miter box project in the garage to be annoying, and eventually cleaned up the mess himself after exchanging some sarcastic words with the rest of his family.  The next fall, when he needed a miter box, he used his credit card to buy one made in Taiwan.

When the next summer arrived, neither he or his son had any recollection of the carpentry project, though they did discuss the twin deficits hypothesis, as presented to a college economics class.

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