Monday, May 17, 2010

Geography and Demographics, Plan A

(This is a plan outlines the political geography of the United States after a possible constitutional overhaul.  It is designed to satisfy as much as possible the goals of both civic nationalists and ethno-nationalists, as well as to avoid violence, provide for regional autonomy, law, and order.)

The theme of this plan is that the Nations are drawn to be home to a specific ethnic group or groups.  With one exception, each of them is drawn around a specific ethnoracial group; the exceptions is the multi-ethnic Megalopolis.

The ten Nations are:

The Megalopolis, 23.6 million people, 24% black, 6% Asian, 16% Hispanic, 52% WNH

Southwest, 29.5 million people, 6% black, 1% Amerindian, 7% Asian, 42% Hispanic, 42% WNH

Delta, 4.1 million people, 51% black, 1% Asian, 3% Hispanic, 44% WNH

Hawaii, 1.2 million people, 2% black, 42% Asian, 9% Pacific Islander, 7% Hispanic, 23% WNH

West-Central, 300,000 people, 1% black, 46% Amerindian, 10% Hispanic, 41% WNH

Northwest, 32.5 million people, 4% black, 2% Amerindian, 7% Asian, 13% Hispanic, 71% WNH

Northeast, 47.9 million people, 7% black, 2% Asian, 4% Hispanic, 85% WNH

Southeast, 56.1 million people, 20% black, 2% Asian, 7% Hispanic, 69% WNH

South-Central, 41.8 million people, 12% black, 1% Amerindian, 2% Asian, 14% Hispanic, 69% WNH

Midwest, 45.7 million people, 10% black, 2% Asian, 6% Hispanic, 81% WNH

teal - Megalopolis
dark red- Southwest
gray - Delta
blue - Hawaii
yellow-orange - West-Central
green - Northwest
light green - Northeast
brown - Southeast
light blue - South-Central
red - Midwest

(I can post a bigger version of this map, but blogger won't display it all until I increase the column size.)

Q: Blacks are given only a very small area as their homeland.  How is this different from grand apartheid?
A: The parallels between this plan and South Africa's black homeland strategy are superficial.

  • American blacks mostly form a single ethnic group.  South African blacks form dozens, and none of the homelands that were created for them were as big as Delta Nation.

  • The Bantustans were created on lands whites didn't want; the Delta is formed on lands which have historically had black majorities because of their high suitability for agriculture.

  • Delta Nation has several extremely important port cities; all South African port cities were controlled by the white government.

  • A new continental constitution could and should give Delta Nation the right to secede.

  • The region could not accommodate all American blacks without becoming quite population-dense, but it is not intended to.  

  • Tax bases and tax collection mechanisms already exist in Delta jurisdictions; they are inherited by the new regime.

  • Delta Nation could coin its own money, operate its own National Guard, etc.

When compared to another ethnic homeland, Delta Nation does not look odd.  Israel's 8500 square miles are homeland to the world's 13 million Jews (of whom under 6 million choose to live there).  Delta Nation has about 50,000 square miles and is homeland to a little under 40 million American blacks.  If all 40 million chose to live there (and all non-black inhabitants emigrated), Delta Nation would swell to about the same population density as Israel (but note that over 5 million blacks live in Megalopolis Nation, which is not an ethnostate and has no racial majority).

There is no reason to believe that the creation of Delta Homeland would touched off a broad-based movement to expel law-abiding blacks, any more than the success of zionism preceded expulsions of Jews from their homes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cameron goes to No. 10

After 13 years of rule by Scotsmen, and Englishman has become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  Whether or not this means the end of the pattern of official discrimination against English students, enshrined in legislation approved by the UK parliament with the margin for success provided by Scottish MPs*, I don't know.

* It should be noted that the Quisling bloke who proposed the law is English, but since he's a Labourite I suppose I should render that "English".

[Addendum: It's interesting that Muslims are 3.3% of the population of England, only 0.9% of the population of Scotland. So the open-borders "invite the world" policies of the Scottish-dominated Labour Party inflict most of their effects on the more right-leaning south of the UK.  That said, most Conservatives have been cowed by the Enoch Powell treatment into accepting mass immigration as well.]

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stand With Arizona

Stop the Left - Stand with Arizona

It's a move countering the boycott.

It is any surprise that people who define our nation as socialism ("good") like to compare immigration enforcement to National Socialism ("bad")?  In the Orwellian inverted world, it should be no surprise.

The leftists are terrified of basic law enforcement - if Arizona succeeds in this move the tide might start to turn.