Friday, December 24, 2010

Too Many Cookies

I ate too many cookies today.  I am miserable.  It is all my fault.

This isn't some kind of "poke fun at your own decadence" thing where you're supposed to laugh that you'll pay for it next time you step on a scale.  I am physically very uncomfortable, because my blood sugar has almost certainly plunged, but I ate enough decent food in addition to my cookie overload that there is simply no room in my stomach for anything decent.  I am thirsty, I have a very strange headache which I cannot locate except to say it seems to be "following my brain around", I can't find a comfortable position to sit in, and I desire to simultaneously have much less and much more in my stomach.

Anyway, the silver lining is that this is all caused by my flirtation with paleo-paleo living.  I'm not as serious about paleolithic eating as OneSTDV, but I've kept in mind his advice to eliminate grains and sugars in mind when planning meals.  Accordingly I've reduced pastas, white breads (but not pumpernickel, which I love even though it's not all that much better than white breads), certain legumes (soy and peanuts), and especially sugar.

I've felt a lot better over the last couple of months but apparently I've lost my tolerance for ordinary Christmas eating.  That's the awful truth: eating 20 or 30 cookies over two days wasn't out of the ordinary for most of my past holiday seasons.  Having repeated this behavior without the associated tolerance I can feel how bad it really is for human physiology.  Nature is finally giving me the punch in the chops it has owed me for years.


Hail said...

I say avoid all dieting fads.

One can maintain a healthy body weight while still eating a normal diet.

B Lode said...

A lot of people can be healthy on the ordinary North American diet. These are the folks I call the Know When To Stop crowd, with unconcealed envy. Once it has started, I could know more stop a torrent of glazed doughnuts or toll house cookies than I could stop a river.

A lot of lifestyle discipline is like this, I think. Once someone announces that there is a box, or more likely, three boxes of glazed toruses of sin straight from The Devil's Own Fryer, I slam my mouth shut and think of the wonders of paleo eating. About a third of the time, I give up and have four doughnuts or so. Then I pay. The rest of the time, I think "holier than thou!" in my secularish way and ride out the little surge of pride until the doughnuts are gone.

In short, pride and gluttony may both be deadly sins, but pride (at least unspoken pride) isn't nauseating.

OneSTDV said...

Believe me, I cheat way too much as well.

I use paleo as a guideline, so all my meals are meat or egg based. But then I cheat too much with side dishes and/or condiments and sauces.

I convince myself though that it doesn't matter.

B Lode said...

The main symptom I have convincing me that it does matter is the attack of listlessness I get an hour or so after a meal. Even this is suspect, because they comparatively few "pure paleo" meals I eat generate almost as much listlessness. It is probably nothing more than a natural blood-sugar drop. I hope that after a few more months/years of avoiding refined sugar, my insulin levels will stop being so spikey and I can reap the benefits. Around the holidays, the temptations to worship the sugar god are a little too great for my undeveloped will.