Tuesday, December 21, 2010

B Lode Drops the Masque

My southern hemisphere friends over at M4 Monologue asked me where my odd pseudonym comes from. If you're curious, you can hunt around over there for the true answer, which I assure you is quite mundane.  For a far more interesting, if less factual, answer, I give the following:

I am the Baron Lyaksandro Olave d'Estienne, the great Ukrainian-Manx-French nobleman who has been in hiding since 1963, hunted mercilessly by the combined forces of the Rosicrucians, the Shriners, and the DGFI.  Should they ever learn my whereabouts I am certain my life would be forfeit.

Thankfully, Blogger has allowed me to conceal my whereabouts even as I reveal my identity, hitherto suppressed.  I can only reveal that my small cottage at the sea, though spartan, is surrounded by the most beautiful sights and sounds a fugitive like myself could hope for.

As to my family, well, the exploits of my paternal grandfather, Victor Bruno, Baron d'Estienne, are well-enough known that to rehash them here would make me quite the braggart.  I'll only recommend that curious readers, if they desire, read up on the Ukrainian and Manx branches of my family tree as well.

Suffice to say that I am happy in my current life, a grizzled old man with only a loyal mastiff and a bushbaby for company, hoping to contribute my two rupees to the right half of the blogosphere.  Admirers and detractors need not type out my full name, of course; it would be more parsimonious to simply abbreviate my moniker to B LOdE, or, if camel case seems too awkward, B Lode.


Justin said...

Thanks for the linkage, I just added you to my list too.

B Lode said...

Thanks, Justin!

I am trying to sell everyone on the Boxing Day Challenge, 12/26: rightist bloggers from really prominent sites like OneSTDV, Dennis, Steve, Ilkka, and Mencius, should comment on obscure bloggers. I don't mean me, really, since I haven't posted anything good & political for a while, but I recommend Chris Roach, Cassandra Goldman, Erich the Hesperado, and Sagat.

B Lode said...

By the way, my name should not be shortened simply to "the Baron". That honor should belong only to Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna.

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