Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Pointed Reply to Countless Lousy History Teachers

In the 1790s, African American males who owned property could vote in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland.

So you guys were lying to me the whole time about the "racist" nature of the franchise in the 18th Century.  It wasn't racist at all - it was classist.  This is a mistake that is tantamount to saying that whites dominate the National Basketball Association because the players make such great salaries.

But you guys were sort of big on mistakes, weren't you?  One of you told me that most Jews who escaped the Holocaust in Europe escaped through Switzerland.  Sort of geographically illiterate, isn't it?  But what you were trying to do was cover up the fact that the European ruler who saved the greatest number of Jews was a conservative Catholic - a man you like to call a fascist.  This mistake is tantamount to getting Savonarola mixed up with Mussolini.  

What else were you lying about?  

Oh, everything that makes your ideology look good, and that could make America look bad.  In other words, pretty much everything.


Jehu said...

In general history isn't really about history. It's about what groups are going to be celebrated and enjoy an advantage in the competition for status and the goodies in the society that are zero or negative sum. Were history in schools about history, you'd see people being assigned to read primary sources, old newspapers, immersing themselves in the literature of the times, and comparing the accuracy of the predictions made by the major exponents of the various views or conflicts. You might even assign students to do a virtual debate based off that research and allow the historical personas access to the tape of future events a la Moldbug. That sound anything like your grade school or college history classes?

B Lode said...

Ha! It doesn't!

Good description though. Reactionary history is fascinating idea, especially the old newspapers, which I hadn't thought much about. I haven't read Moldbug for a while in spite, or because, of his intensity.