Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Pointed Question for White Males

I wrote this angry rant about two years ago.  I figured publishing it now would be a good way to post something without having to type too much.

My question for the white male is ... what am I to you?  Am I just a political football for you to play your suckers’ game with?  Because if you’re waiting to stab me in the back as a fancied way of escaping membership in the “oppressor class”, you truly are a sucker.  The Oppressor Caste is not a “class” at all.  If you are born a white male, that is all you will be, for the rest of your life.  You can never be anything else.  

Either you got my back or you don’t.


Hail said...

From whose perspective is this written?

B Lode said...

Oh, just mine. No alter egos or anything. I wrote it at a time when I personally knew a bevy of white males who loved nothing better than to spread their tailfeathers like a peacock while proclaiming how horrible, lame, unhip, and racist white males are. Steve Sailer has done a better job of this than I have; he is funnier and probably less angry than I.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I (a white male, BTW) have had the same thoughts. Surrounded by ultra-educated whites (grad school), it's pretty much the default attitude, and to express an alternative point-of-view is to be an outcast.

I've found the whole thing to be completely condescending to the "victim classes," as if they're not adults but helpless children. Having the "right attitudes" towards certain people doesn't alleviate anyone's troubles; the only thing it does is build up your own status and/or the status of "professional victims" like Jessie Jackson, Sharpton, or well-heeled white "anti-racists" like Tim Wise.

While there's nothing wrong per se in heading off to Africa for altruistic reasons, it would be nice if I could believe these people were authentically altruistic, rather than operating under the modern-day White Man's Burden. It's not as if there aren't poor black people they could be helping in the USA, but American blacks are much scarier than African blacks, apparently. There's also plenty of WHITE poverty to be found, too, but there's nothing more off-putting to upper-middle class whites than...well, poor whites.

When the upper middle-class whites are talking about how "lame" or "racist" other whites are, that's the particular group they're talking about, the people Christian Lander calls the "wrong sort of white people."

B Lode said...

Sorry it took me so long to publish you - I've been busy with finals, baby on the way, all that. Thanks for writing.