Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tories are Okay Too

Hats off to Dave Cameron.

Recall that this measure is coming from a coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.  This doesn't prove the doomsayers are wrong but it is a hopeful sign.


hailtoyou said...

"non-EU nationals permitted to work in the U.K. from April 2011 will be capped at about 22,000 — a reduction of about one-fifth from 2009."

So, previously, 27,500 work-visas were issued yearly. Now it will be 22,000. (A reduction of a fifth = 5,500 / 27,500).

But then there is--

"[It] will have only a limited impact on Britain's overall immigration rate — as work-related visas account only for about 20 percent of migration."

Which means ~110,000 immigrate legally, yearly, via some kind of non-work visa. (Especially family-based "chain migration").

In simplest terms, if 2009 overall-immigration accounted for 100 units, it will be 95 units under the new rules. Great.

B Lode said...

Okay, okay. We're doomed! We should give up! Throw ourselves off tall buildings, or at least retreated to unheated cabins in the trackless wilderness.

Cameron made the move, he didn't flinch, and he wasn't deterred by cries of racism.

Means something to me if not to to you.

Hail said...

B Lode, the Tories say they want to cap new immigration at 100,000/year by 2015.

That is their "bold" plan, their end-game, limiting further immigration to 100,000/annum! (Even that is probably unrealizeable, according to the article.)

Tories will not solve the problem. No "conservative" party in Europe has ever shown a willingness to cut immigration on its own volition. Their hand is forced by the rise of emergent nationalistic parties.

Thus, the BNP is Britain's only hope.