Friday, October 15, 2010


I've had a weird tingling in the index and middle fingers of my right hand.  My wife says it's carpal tunnel.  I'm not going to blog much for a while.


Pat Hannagan said...

"primordial Austral syndicalism", I like it!

Regarding the tingling, I've been getting the same in my left hand. I think you're right: too much time stooped over a laptop or PC, chugging back the cigarettes and drinking.

I started swimming again a few weeks ago and felt so much better. But work got in the way and I've dropped off again.

Time to get back into it. And give up the fags (not gays but cigarettes).

I hope you're feeling better B Lode. And thanks for your thoughts. As always they are well thought out and perceptive.

Cheers mate.

B Lode said...

Nice to see you drop by. Yours is the most prominent blog that lists mine, so you're always welcome.

I'll look you up next time I'm in your country.

... Aww, it's no use. I've never been to Australia.
My wife wants to go though. A lot.

Pat Hannagan said...

It's rather bizarre how many bloggers won't return a link in their blogroll. I suppose many get rather precious about their web persona and cannot be sullied by inferior minds, whereas others are just too lazy to update the roll.

Which reminds me, I better update mine. I also need to get a feed app to track all the blogs I like. I don't like Google so refuse to use theirs. Any tips?

Should you ever come to Oz, you're welcome to stay with me and mine for as long as you like. Plenty of wildlife in the backyard and plenty of grog and food on the deck, so you'd have a good time. I've got relatives all over the place so I'm sure they'd put you up as well.

I went to the USA many years ago now for 3 months and loved it. A truly memorable experience. The mrs and the kids informed me that they intend to go to Hawaii in 2 years time to meet out friends from Chicago halfway there with their kids. Not sure about Hawaii though. It didn't impress me greatly when I was there, not that there was anything wrong with it but that I can have beaches and hot weather any time I like. I want to see the American Mid-West again. Awesome place, with great people.

Cheers mate.