Friday, October 29, 2010

Reflections on Family Life in the Workplace

OneSTDV has recently had a great post about women and men.  Also I've been in a gender-oriented thread with Cassandra of A Letter to the Times, so I was inspired to make a short (and largely unrelated) one of my own.

One of my coworkers at work rarely talks about her children.  She occasionally talks about an ex-boyfriend of hers who was a hockey player, but mostly, when she deigns to talk about men, she talks about Edward the vampire.  She has an enormous poster of him gracing her desk (she is in her thirties), and she brings up him up whenever she can fit him in.

Today I found out she has a husband.  Is still married to him.  They met in high school.  I saw their picture - they looked like typical fresh-faced high school sweethearts.  She mentioned that she wished he still "looked like that".

An outgoing married woman at an institution populated by grownups, and she talks about a vampire from a fantasy movie easily twenty times more often than she talks about her family.  I figured she was divorced or widowed, or maybe just never married (never loved?) the man who fathered her children.  It turns out that, if she is divorced, it is only in a metaphorical sense.

I think that attitude towards the family is becoming more common.

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