Wednesday, October 27, 2010

B Lode Goes Emo

Since I have broken my pledge not to spend any time typing that isn't absolutely necessary to pay bills, etc., I guess I'll "go for broke".

I want the troops home safe now.

I want it so badly it is distracting and depressing.  I alternately avoid and devour news of the Afghan and Iraq wars; I never get used to the pictures of the carnage.

My countrymen are over there and they are hurting and I can't figure out what I can do to get them out.  This is a more emotional issue for me than immigration (though I don't believe any issue is more important than immigration), and until now I have said little about it online because I have so little to offer.

I want an American pullout from Iraq and Afghanistan to begin this very minute, and taking only enough time to get out all of our people and equipment.  I know it will take a long time ... all the more reason to not delay.

There.  That is enough online emoting, and wrist-straining, for one night.


Jehu said...

Bring the boys home to protect the border!
Just tying the two together for you. Being a believer in 'all or nothing warfare', I support that pair of positions. If you're not going to follow a strategy that has a good chance of working (i.e., something that the US pre 1950 or the British Empire would've recognized and approved of), don't bother. Just apply punishment/pain if you have to and leave (oh, and stop encouraging them to immigrate into your country).

B Lode said...

Agreed. We certainly need the troops back here. Scary as the US-Mex border is, with the organized criminals leaving bodies in the desert, coyotes raping their countrywomen, etc., it would probably be a nice change from Central Asia. Even discounting the number of alleged border crossings by Mexican military personnel, the statements from past Presidents of Mexico denying America's right to its own immigration policy makes border control way beyond a simple law enforcement issue - it is distinctly international in character.

I'm a big proponent of reductions in defense spending, but that comes off all wrong when put so simply. Basically, I'm against reductions in pay for military personnel, but we could save a lot by ending the wars ASAP.

ThePaganTemple said...

Comparing the Tea Party to the Nazis doesn't even begin to make any sense, even as a joke. The Tea Party is against big government and intrusive regulations. The idea that the Nazis were against big government and regulations-sorry, that just doesn't compute.

B Lode said...

Pagan Temple,

I only recently discovered your blog and you've already dropped by. A nice surprise.

I have updated my post on Reiner's hissy-fit ... it seems even Foxman objects (although not in the same terms I would use).

You wouldn't happen to know any other right-of-center pagan-type blogs, would you? (A hobby of mine is collecting rightish blogs run by people of different religions.)

ThePaganTemple said...

You might want to check out Red Alerts, by a man named Rob Taylor. He's a conservative pagan and has a couple of blogs. You can find Red Alerts on my blogroll. Its kind of a survivalist blog right now, and he also has a crime oriented blog called, I think, Greenville Dragnet.
I added you to my blogroll too, by the way. I noticed your blog from my Statcounter.

B Lode said...

Okay, I'll audition Red Alerts for a while.