Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Everyone else has written about him, so I will to.

Some interesting things I've noted about Roissy:

  • He benefits from feminism.
  • He has an unusually good understanding of how women think.
  • He has crafted his personality to appeal to women.
  • He has apparently fathered no children.
  • He works (or worked) a cushy office job.
  • His writing comes off as judgemental, gossipy, and bitchy.

To me, that list doesn't exactly add up to "masculine".  I'm not trying to suggest that Roissy is gay, or even metrosexual (whatever that means), but in some sense, the man is undeniably womanish.  There's nothing wrong with that.  I am womanish too, albeit in different ways (I love cuddling small animals, talking about relationships, etc.)

I do pause a little when I see lots of young man stampeding off to his blog for advice.  Do what you want, but realize you're stampeding in the opposite direction from, say, The Art of Manliness.  Roissy will not teach you to be autonomous, not help you build a household, not keep from you being dependent on others for your emotional or physical well-being.  Getting by on your good looks and your silver tongue is callow and short-sighted gambit.

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