Monday, September 13, 2010

Roissy II

In my previous post, I grumbled a little because Roissy comes off as such a complainer.  Looking back to my closest experiences with aggressive/apathetic (those words, like "alpha", start with the letter A) males, in high school, I remember distinctly being impressed with how the A/A males could complain consistently, Monday to Friday, without anyway conceiving of them as complainers.  They were always "making good points."  I have no doubt that this odd perception fooled the A/A males themselves.

In other words, I'm not sure it's entirely Roissy's fault that he comes across as negative and resentful and doesn't even know it.  He had years of training in institutional schools being taught that, as long he didn't care about anything but hurling put-downs, he could say pretty much what he wanted.  Childish insults, or "negs" as he calls them (a jargon for everything!) became a way of life for him - that is the seductive and subversive power institutional schools have over impressionable young personalities.

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