Monday, August 16, 2010

Open Thread: Survival on the Cheap

This is a thread where we are discussing how a highly cash-strapped and none-too-knowledgeable individual can plan to keep the wolves at bay should the Keynesians turn out to be wrong about the economy.


Anonymous said...

B Lode,
In response to your comment at Mangan's:
You can arm and and ammo up cheaply.
You can eat cheaply and well.
You can buy silver, try the 9999 Maple Leaf.
Don't waste time or money on the 6.5mm
I will also ask the state you live in. Depending on where, you may have some great and inexpensive options regarding preparing yourself.

B Lode said...

Anon -

I'm in Maine.

I have a little ammo and a handful of arms.

I don't really know what to do about preservable protein. I suppose beef jerky and canned beans? Better than nothing!

I definitely don't know about prescription meds. I don't take any, but my wife is hypothyroid - I don't know what she'll do when/if the pharmacies get trashed/run out of supplies. (She takes levothyroxin.)

Anonymous said...

What are the firearms? A 12 Gauge, .22 LR and a good rifle in a common caliber can be purchased inexpensively if you don't have them. All can put food on the table. Stay away from the "tactical/military look" if/when you purchase additional firearms.
For preservable protein, buy canned tuna (especially tuna in olive oil) and canned salmon that has not been deboned or skinned. Spam is nowhere near as nutritious, yet it has a long shelf life as well. Canned beans are good and have a long shelf life. Dried beans as well.
How much property do you have? Are you near the coast or inland? Have you heard of raised garden beds? I'm not saying that a garden will keep you from starving, but it can't hurt either. Cheaper than buying from the store. Maybe you'll raise chickens too.
Regarding medicine:
Do some research on natural remedies. I'm not saying that herbs will help your wife (they may,they may not...). But it doesn't hurt to look.
Also, save up and get a good wood stove. Saves money in the winter.
Like I said, preparing is not expensive or complex. And don't try to prepare for the future 10 years away right away. First plan for a week, then plan for a month, a quarter, 6 months, 1 year, etc...if you get my drift.

B Lode said...

And don't try to prepare for the future 10 years away right away.

Good advice. This stuff can be overwhelming.

My wife loves gardening, and I have been trying to direct her toward vegetables for a while. She does like the idea of raised beds. She knows the Maine ecology better than I. We're not very close to the coast.

We definitely have access to canned fish. Maybe canned corn beef, although she hates it.

The firearms are a rifle in .22 LR, one in .303 British, and a very out-of-date top-break revolver which is more of a toy than anything. A modern revolver and shotgun are at the top of the price list.

What do you think should be a higher priority ... junk silver or a couple of new firearms? A sack of silver, a used S&W, and a synth pump shotgun all run between $200 and 300 so they are sort of competing right now.

Anonymous said...

I'd grab a brick or two of .22s to start. They can be had at about $20 for 400:

What is the .22 LR anyway? Just curious...

The .303 Enfield is a great bolt action. Surplus ammo is available, but for hunting, you should use soft nose. Can be moderately priced. Not bad to have around, but a future rifle should be a more common caliber.

Priority is a new 12 Gauge pump shotty (and a few boxes of ammo) and silver. New revolver is a further future item. Just my humble opinion...

PS rice keeps pretty long too.

B Lode said...

Your humble opinion is welcome but I wish I had a better name for you. I'll dub you The Silver Shotgun unless you want something less "DC Comics".

I have been toying with the 20-gauge idea for recoil reasons. I'd like my wife to be able to make use of it, even as a toy. I know there are reduced-recoil 12-gauge rounds but I don't know how much they cost.

20-gauge seems effective enough and the ammo doesn't seem too rare. Assuming I get one gun, my beloved is recoil-shy, and I'm cost-shy about ammo, is 12-gauge still the absolute best option?

How do you know you're getting a good deal on silver?

P.S. I am going to move my "Revolt" prose/poem and keep the comments here with a new text body.

B Lode said...

My humble rimfire is a Czech CZ 452 with scope only. I was sure I had no use for iron sights until I realized - I like shooting with iron sights! So I kind of think of it as a stepchild.

Fine, reliable weapon. It wears a variable scope ... up to 3x, which isn't very much nowadays but I like it.

Anonymous said...

12 gauge is your (and your wife's) best option. And get a recoil pad. No shame in that. More of my humble views later. I've been busy past couple of days. Thanks for your patience.

PS You can just call me "Nobody."

B Lode said...

Dear Nobody,

Thanks for your reply. Right now I am looking at the bewildering array of Remington 870s floating around. I'll probably just pick up something at a pawn shop and look for spare barrels online. Might have to modify the stock too, I suppose, and mount a flashlight.