Monday, August 2, 2010

The Problem with the Right Half of the Blogosphere

The blogosphere gives conservatives an unprecedented way to communicate on the issues, but it's not perfect.  The central problem out here on the right can be summed up in two truisms:
  1. Birds of a feather flock together.
  2. You tend to argue with the people who are around you.
Since people get bored with "preaching to the choir", and not many bloggers share my focus of creating heavily detailed, exhaustive constitutional reform proposals, arguments tend to crop up on the issues rightists disagree with one another one - not necessarily the most important issues.  

Hence the inordinate focus on Israel, anti-semitism, World War II, monetary policy, and, to a lesser degree, abortion and the south-Asian wars.  These are the wedge issues that threaten the right the most, yet we don't need leftists to put a floodlight on them.  We seem quite willing to do it ourselves.  

My fervent hope is that, at least in the few months leading up to the election, rightists will uncircle the firing squad and start putting the floodlight on leftists who threaten to keep delaying the border fence, protect affirmative action, and generally keep rocking the foundations of European civilization in America.

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