Monday, July 5, 2010

How to Think Like a Conservative

Imagine that you are an absolute dictator and that you have an undying affection for a group of people you know to be incurably sadistic.  They simply love to harm each other, but at the same time they are not usually masochistic.  It hurts you to see them suffer, but you cannot change their basic nature.  Nor are you immortal.  You do notice, however, that in addition to loving to bedevil each other, these people have a certain respect for and understanding of tradition and family, and prefer to inflict their sadism on people as different from them as possible.

What traditions do you instill in them during your lifetime as absolute ruler?  What institutions do you create?

When you are thinking like this you are thinking like a conservative.  That there are different answers to these questions only confirms that there are different types of conservative.


SFG said...

That's the human race in general. There are plenty of sound evolutionary reasons for this behavior.

I actually like the negative conservative view of humanity, it's just that conservatives always seem to have all sorts of nice pronouncements about tradition and community that turn out to be 'whatever the Chamber of Commerce wants' in practice.

But as a philosophy, yes, I agree with you.

B Lode said...

What I really is someone to really tune into, philosophically, who is both optimistic and completely politically incorrect. In other words, someone who is uncompromisingly factual on all of their information about the present, but who is unflaggingly hopeful about the future.

I'm not that person, though.