Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cameron goes to No. 10

After 13 years of rule by Scotsmen, and Englishman has become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  Whether or not this means the end of the pattern of official discrimination against English students, enshrined in legislation approved by the UK parliament with the margin for success provided by Scottish MPs*, I don't know.

* It should be noted that the Quisling bloke who proposed the law is English, but since he's a Labourite I suppose I should render that "English".

[Addendum: It's interesting that Muslims are 3.3% of the population of England, only 0.9% of the population of Scotland. So the open-borders "invite the world" policies of the Scottish-dominated Labour Party inflict most of their effects on the more right-leaning south of the UK.  That said, most Conservatives have been cowed by the Enoch Powell treatment into accepting mass immigration as well.]

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