Monday, March 15, 2010

Something is Fresh in the State of Denmark

This move defies the multicult left's direct order to the small countries of the world: Allow yourselves to be overwhelmed demographically - or we will say nasty things about you.  After Italy's ruling coalition passed the Bossi-Fini Law to limit immigration, the reaction was familiar: screams of "racist", with no substantial discussion of why exactly Italians lack the moral right to determine who settles in their country.  

It would be amusing to get the leaders of the multicult left on record telling us exactly which countries are blessed with the rare God-given (Marx-given?) right to determine their own destinies.  I would have surmised that only poor countries are allowed to restrict immigration, yet there is very little criticism of Japan's immigration laws, which are much more restrictive than Italy's or Denmark's.  So I suspect the distinction is racial.

The question for the world of elected government now is - will the rank-and-file voter continue to believe leftist media accusations of racism and eschew parties that seek to restrict immigration, or will widespread popular opinion carry the day?  It depends, in short, on how many center-right voters opt to kill their televisions.

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