Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rightist Convergence: Question for Christian Paleocons

(Note: I am using "paleocon" as a byword for a diverse group of people surrounding, not necessarily in exact agreement with Pat Buchanan-style paleoconservatives. It would thus include many traditional conservatives, Tea Party movement people, libertarians, etc.)

With Christianity furnishing the basic values of many paleocons, how do you feel about the possibility of working with non-Christian who agree on most everything else? Could you support candidate(s) of Jewish or polytheistic faiths, or no faith at all, who supported:
  • dramatically reduced legal immigration
  • stepped-up border enforcement and deportations
  • official English
  • US exit from the United Nations
  • rapid pullouts of troops from Iraq and Afganistan
  • reductions in public borrowing (perhaps by balanced-budget amendment)
  • reductions in public spending
Those, I believe, are the really salient issues for paleocons. Notice that I didn't include abortion in there, because at the Federal level, abortion can hardly be entirely banned without straining constitutional interpretation, possibly even more than nationwide legalization-by-lawsuit currently does.

So, it's sort of an informal survey. Of course, the answer can be completely different from one group to the next ... I expect most paleocons are going to have an easier time accepting religious Jews, and those who don't specify their beliefs, than they would if they were faced with a Wiccan or atheist candidate.

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